Friday 1 February 2008

E-Petition for the legalisation of WIld Camping in England and Wales

This is a plea for all those wild campers (or wannabe's life myself) to visit the 10 Downing Street Web site to pledge your support to legalise wild camping in England and Wild. The E-Petition, set up by Darren Christie, has almost 300 names on it (as at 15.21 on 1st February: 289 names) and the hope is that the Government will reconsider its out-dated laws affecting wild camping in England and Wales. Scotland currently enjoys a far more relaxed approach to wild camping that seems to work for all - so there should be no reason that with a bit of consideration and perhaps some wider published guidelines, we could enjoy the same freedoms.
The website is if you would like to show your support.

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