Wednesday 25 May 2011

Review: Kudrati Naturally - Freeze-Dried Vegetarian Curries

Right guys, I know its been a while but I hope you can all forgive me - not least because most of you lucky b*ggers have been enjoying two weeks of backpacking 'heaven' on the Challenge!

Anyhoot, this ere' twerp hasn't been out since the abandoned Lakes trip in March so I'm going stir crazy for a wild camp. I have been looking at various things though, mainly for our 7 day trek in Norway in September around the Hardangerjokulen glacier - serweeet!

One of the issues for any unsupported trek is the need to carry all food and so I've been looking quite closely at food options. Clearly I'll be taking a lot of meals from Fuizion Foods but I also came across the Kudrati Naturally range of vegetarian curries. For the record I'm no vegetarian, but many of my favourite curries tend to be the meat free so I thought I'd give them a bash.

Rather than ramble on here, you can watch my ugly mug chomping on some of it here: