Friday 13 June 2008

19 holes.....19!

I just had to post this up because quite frankly I'm baffled! My Robens Lite self inflating mattress has 19 pin-holes in it! I mean Jesus, what the hell is going on?!!

For the second time now I filled up the bath with water and folded the the semi inflated mat into the water - nothing. Not one solitary bubble. I was starting to get frustrated as the rate of deflation without any weight on the mat was astounding. I had to try another tactic.

After having partly deflated and rolled the mat I systematically re-rolled the mat to ensure each section had been submerged, I had still not found the source of the air leak. It wasn't until I was folding it out of the water near my face that I heard a very faint whistle

....5 minutes of trying to locate the the exact position of noise without losing it revealed in was in the bottom two thirds of the mat. I forced more air in to encourage the bubbles and worked on this area in particular. I couldn't believe my eyes. The closer I looked the more and more tiny bubbles attracted my eyes. After getting over my disbelief I marked 19 separate holes and I'm now left wondering if it is worth repairing?

I just cannot get my head around how so many tiny pinholes could have occurred. I could understand a couple of large pinch holes for example but not 19 tiny holes.

As you can probably tell, I not that happy about this! Now that I've taken the time to find and mark them I'd be wasting my time not to try and seal them so its down to the shops tomorrow to buy some glue suitable for the job.


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