Friday 25 July 2008

Port Anyone?

All the chores are done and I'm just having a port to rest the mind! The rain stopped earlier and i got out to enjoy the view and check the tent. I really like it already, there's plenty of room and its easy to put up well. It seems sturdy but the wind might take exception to that and flatten it later. Spoke to Paul and he's gutted - naturally. He just wouldn't have been able to do it even if he had a sherpa! The hardest part for me today was the ascent (off track via Lad's Stones) to Weatherlam in the heat. Couldn't drink enough water so good job there was plenty around!
Well, the port is working so I think its off to bed for me - I'm bloody shattered! All the best folks and thanks for the comments earlier Baz and Shutterworth. Zzzz


Chumplotte said...

Good night walker boy...your blogging is working a treat and your sleeping spot looks beautiful. Sleep tight, Me x

the tip master said...

Evening Couz, nice view have a good night see you in the morning.

baz carter said...

Bloody jealous me! Wish I was out there - got a few days to wait before I do.