Friday 15 August 2008

What's this? Two more for a night in the hills?

I've not been on for a while and that's because I'm being moody. I can't get out for a night in the hills for a while now because I have plans for pretty much every weekend between now and mid September. Luckily I will be out and about in the hills for the Yorkshire 3 peaks trip at the end of August but I'll be camping on an official camp site for two nights of hell I expect.

All is not lost however, as I rest in the knowledge that my cousin and his work colleague have decided they can no longer resist the temptation of the hills. They have been reading your blogs and researching gear for their first backpacking/wildcamping trip this weekend. They are being sensible and whilst they have been working to a budget (in case they don't like it - as unlikely as this is) they have tried to go as light as possible on the main kit.

They plan to do a route starting in Great Langdale heading for Wasdale. Depending on their state of mind and the weather, they will make decision to either camp at Wasdale Head campsite or stay in the hills. Lets wish them all the best for Sunday night and I'll pester them for a photo or two and a trip report once they're back.

It can be quite satisfying this blogging lark can't it..........


John Hee said...

the more the merrier - if it gets people out into the the wilds

The Camping Stove Store said...

Know the feeling too well... if I get stuck indoors for a while I go stir-crazy.

Can't beat that open space feeling away from the crazy pace of modern life... ;)