Monday 22 December 2008

UK Everest Challenge 2009

Just spotted this over at Grough and was impressed by the idea.

I like the fact that buzzilions of other people charity fundraising armies can't easily adopt the challenge and completely suck the life out of it. Also, because it's not a real Everest attemp it also means that more money goes directly to the chosen charites. I don't know, maybe its Christmas and I've been visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past or something but it just made me want to support it.

Go straight to their blog for updates on their preparations and to donate if you're feeling like the charitable type. If not then feel free to go back to your turkey for one and last years mince pies!

.....Note to Santa: Please see my post above, I've tried my best to be a good boy and I don't really think leaving it this late is a problem. See you in a few days...

Karma restored.

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