Saturday 17 October 2009

Windows to Ubuntu - Blogging Software

Sorry to interrupt the trip reports with this random pish, I'll be back on the case with the trip report for day 3 shortly.

I'm slowly trying to make the move from Windows to Linux and part of that process is understanding what the limitations will be and the workarounds re
quired. I can't quite decide which version of Linux works best for me at the moment, but I'm finding out by trying to use it the way I would a windows machine in everyday life. So far this latest version of Ubuntu (well until 9.10 is released in a few days) seems to work fine.

I've got a choice of blogging software to replace Windows Live Writer but I need to test just how good these are. Lets just go with it for now and see what happens...

Here I've got BloGTK which is quite basic and pictures seem to have to be linked to its hosted hyerlink as opposed to the WYSIWYG format of Windows Live. This means I have to uplaod the pics first for me this is a real deal breaker, but lets just see if it works.

I've got 3D desktop setup easily enough, which in version 7.10 was a world of terminal work to get my ati graphics to play. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ sorry have you all dropped off yet!

Woohoo Compiz working on Ubuntu 9.04!


davehollin said...

This is waaaaaay beyond my comprehension and always will be... :D
I still have problems setting up a TV and video!

GeoffC said...

A UNIX based system is attractive in principle and I have more than enough knowledge to do it, but there are serious barriers:-
- Years of hard-earned experience and knowledge of Windows

- Ditto for many Windows applications (and I mean many, running into 3 figures)

- Mapping software such as Memory map, absolutely critical.

Marcus said...

Hi folks.

I have to admit I've fallen for the false charms of Linux before but this latest version seems to be the most stable and 'finished' I've used in a while. As always though its as much about the hardware as it is the OS.

I'm running a dual boot system at the moment so when I need things like Windows Live etc I boot into XP. However, where open software can't offer what I need I can get most things running in Wine (a type of windows emulation programme) and Memory Map works fine like this. Nothing yet offers the features of Windows Live Writer for blogging though.yend

Nigel Gray said...

Get a Mac - it just works!!....but they're are expensive and Memory Map doesn't work. Must admit to being fed-up with Windows but just haven't got the time to fettle at the moment. Been looking at purchasing a 10" netbook so I may yet end up as a Linux convert!
Good luck!

Marcus said...

Hi Nigel, You wouldn't be the first to tell me this but a Mac is a whole new ball game for me, besides the expense.

I've bought netbook but my advice would be to go for a windows machine first, moving later to linux if that takes your fancy. A few people have them at work with lunpus lite and unless you 'unlock' the system they are very limited in their use.