Saturday 2 January 2010

Yesterday’s The Past, Tomorrow’s The Future…So What Now?

Well I’m finally posting after radio silence since November – blimey!

As is the case with everyone in the run up to Christmas its been busy in the crazy world of Marcus to say the least but I hope to be back on normal duty.

Firstly then, I should say Happy New Year and all that jazz and I hope you all had a great Christmas.

On reflection 2009 was a great year for me in general but I guess my backpacking (though not as often as planned) made it particularly memorable. The Scotland coast to coast trip in September was another step forward in every way and I think over the year I’ve find my place in a lightweight approach.

Santa brought me a few gifts which I’ll be getting to use over the course of this year and the first trip will be in about two weeks time. Not sure where or when yet exactly but some winter wild camping is way over due!

Before then though I have a post I need to write up from back in November and some maps to spread out across the table…..


Mac E said...

Great to see you back Marcus, it's seems quite a while.

All the best for 2010 to you too.


Anonymous said...

thought we'd lost you in a snow drift ;)

James Boulter said...

I was wondering where you had disapeared too......Anyway happy New Year!

Marcus said...

Sorry guys, just had a lot on from November and had a trip to New York mid December so no chance of squeezing in a backpack before Christmas.

Away in a couple of weeks though and I've just got the maps out.

nara said...

you have some great blog here. Looking forward to reading more in 2010.

Marcus said...

Thanks Nara, or is this Tanya - who can tell?!!

Nigel Gray said...

Welcome back! Grab your crampons and head out onto the hills and make the most of the wonderful winter weather!!! That's if you can actually get the car off the drive!!!

Marcus said...

Hi Nigel. Tell me about it, we've finally had some snow down here!

Cyndi said...

Is your podcast linked to ITunes, in that it will automatically link up to future podcasts?