Saturday 21 May 2011

ipadio: Early Start In The Cotswolds


Anonymous said...

I too have been trapped in the lowlands for ages (since the anti wind generator factory protest gathering on the foothills of Plynlinom in March.
As a midlander I am a disgrace for not having explored the gentle rolling hills of the Cotwolds _ I always figred I would leave them for old age.
Can you let us know where you went and how much fun it was for a mountain man?
Thanks Dude........fred campbell

Marcus said...

Hi Fred,

How can I put this? It's lovely and its great for just getting out and taking in some countryside, wildlife and fresh air, but if like me you prefer dramatic landscapes then it's only going to suppress the cravings for so long! If you bear this in mind then it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Like you I've been trapped in the Midlands for a while now and I needed to get some exercise even if it wasn't complete with towering mountains complete with soundtrack! I'm off to Norway in September for a week the Cotswolds series will be for partly for leisure and partly for training.

On this walk I started and finished in Shipston on Stour and join up the Centenary way with un-named bridleways and road sections to make it circular. If I can find a way I'll upload my gpx file from Viewranger.

Cheers Fred.