Sunday 24 June 2012

MLD Trailstar – First Pitch Hysteria

I’ve been on holiday for two weeks but, in a cruel twist delivered by the Gods, my Trailstar arrived super early from MLD – 4 weeks early. This might not seem like that cruel an act at all, but it might be considered a little so when I tell you it arrived the day before I flew out!

It arrived and I was excited. I packed it in my case (we were renting a rather large house in the hills of the Costa Brava) and got even more exited. Then I tried to fit my poles in my case too which was swiftly followed by some swearing.

In any case I’m back now and today I found a recreational ground big enough to pitch it on for the first time. I know there are lots of words written all over the internet about first impressions and how to pitch the thing so I’ll keep this brief.

I pitched it.

Trailstar pitch 1 

It was cheesy peas to pitch and even a twerp like me managed to do it quite well first time and in a stiff breeze too. I certainly think I can cope with the space available! I still need to seam seal it but again I’m going to have to hire a festival size field to do this and allow drying time. Question is: Do I take it out with me to Wales this Friday, pitch it, seal and sleep in it all at the same time? Do I dare?

Trailstar pitch 2

Trailstar pitch 3

Overall I’m really pleased with it, even with the high pitch I ended up with here (I forgot to measure pole height before I set out and later found the height was nearly 50 inches). Its a really nice looking shelter and was feeling pretty weather-ready with just 6 tie-outs anchored down.

More on my actual experience of it, along with my Borah Gear Bivy after next weekend.


Bryan Waddington said...

I hope you enjoy your Trailstar, I look forward to reading about your first outing with it.

I found it rather difficult sealing mine when it was pitched. I could not see anything because the seam is dark against the light, the seam moves as you paint it and it was really awkward doing it upside down. I did one seam and gave up. I ended up sealing it on the dining room table with some good lighting and a solid surface to work on.

Marcus said...

Thanks Bryan that a great little tip. Problem is I don't know if I have the space indoors to seal and dry it without having to do it in multiple sittings.

I don't mind the concept of having to seam seal things but it does cause me a few headaches I have to admit.

I'll drag it up the loft and make a start tonight!

One question I did have for you Brian, do you use a groundsheet at all? I was thinking of not bothering but I can see that having a place to kneel or sit that isn't the bivy might be useful....

Anonymous said...

Ron does various inners worth a look inc a poly sheet which I have used along with bug bivi. Also check out OookWorks, Sean is top notch.
Tony Yoda :)

Anonymous said...

Ron of course is owner of MLD :)
T / Y :)

Marcus said...

Hi Tony, yes I've had a look on Ron's offerings but I'm just assessing my needs at the moment. I've had a look at your videos tony, which were quite useful for me in choosing silnylon over cuben.

I've considered Sean's inners and will prob end up going with one or something similar but I need to find my flow a little first.

Anonymous said...

I have an inner on order with Sean, just finalising the design, so be a little while. Glad videos helped. The TS in my opinion, is fab and.gaveme so much confidence on camp. One of those plastic sheets is.ok to start I'd guess.

Thanks for compliment, appreciate it.