Monday 14 January 2008

A good blog these days is hard to find....and this one will make it a little bit harder!

So here it is. My first Blog and my first post. I'm not sure why I've started a blog really - maybe its because its a bit "faddy", but more about that below. I will be posting here about whatever I happen to be wasting my life on in any given time. I doubt the blog will make a blind bit of difference to anything at all, although I suspect it will prove that my life is based on short-lived fads - a theory my girlfriend came up with and reminds me of on a regular basis.

My latest fads then are wild-camping (of which I will be starting over the next few weeks), my first (more serious) radio controlled helicopter, photography and my very latest obsession - beer making! I might stretch to some more intelligent topics but don't expect it!

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