Sunday 20 January 2008

My first wild camp - The Buttermere fells

My decision is finally made. I have decided to head over to Buttermere in the English Lakes for my first wild camping experience.

Having considered the Brecon Beacons, Snowdonia and the Peak District I finally settled on the Buttermere fells. A friend and I spent a cold and wet night at Syke Farm campsite in March 06. Despite me being a complete winter camping chump, I thought it was one of the most beautiful places I'd seen. The whole place has a menacing charm about it that begs you to explore.

That time around I didn't get change to head up into the hills since I was recovering from man flu at the time and the purpose of the trip was mainly photography and painting (Picture above). This time though I have the Buttermere Fells in my sights with one night of wild camping to be had.

I'm planning a circular route - the most obvious being to start in Buttermere then Red Pike, High Stile, Hay Stacks, Fleetwith Pike, down to Honister Pass, back up to Dale Head, Hindscarth, Robinson, High Snockrigg and back into Buttermere.

I'm as excited as hell right now and all that is left to do is pick a date and determine if this is a solo where are all those so-called friends!

I'll be posting my final route once I've memory mapped it for anyone who's interested and obviously I'll pics of the trip itself. For now though is are some from the trip in March 06...

Low Snockrigg from Buttermere's western shore

Honister Pass


The Camping Stove Store said...

I love the photo of Fleetwith Pike - very good! I've added you to my own (newish) blog - hope thats ok.

Ian, Storm Outdoors

Marcus said...

Hi Ian,

thanks for the comments. nice to see people are still reading some of the older posts.

I'll head over to your blog for a peek in a mo.