Friday 25 July 2008

The Luckiest Ten Minutes.

I think I love Big Agnes! There is a good reason for this and that is rain. After my tea and jaffa cake break I made for Swirl How. I seem to have a sore spot coming on my right foot so I took it easy. Following the path round I passed the memorial of a plane crash and onto Great Carrs. I knew that I had to get water before camp and just as Geoff from VG had done i managed to get some nice cool water from a spring just off the path to Grey Friar. I had my pitch spotting head on but there was nothing much that took my fancy and I wanted shelter from the wind. I walked on up Grey Friar and found a great pitch. Annoyingly the wind had changed direction just as I threw the fly over the frame and then I smelt it - rain! I ran around actuallx speaking out loud to myself trying to get the Seedhouse up and me and the kit inside. I did it literally with seconds to spare, throwing my pack in and diving in after it. What a twerp! Anyway its all good and I've sorted my bed and made dinner - I'm about to go back to it now. More from me once I've finished and washed up. Bloody chores!


Martin Rye said...

Good lad. Solo walking is good ain't it. Looks a fine walk your having there.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to find a way of avoiding washing up, I seem to be collecting Ziplock bags at the moment!
Hope the rain holds off, I'm very jealous!

John Hee said...

sounds like a good trip so far -suitably envious