Thursday 5 March 2009

15 days and Counting

Praise to the Gods - I’m going out! Its ridiculous that its going to be nearly 3 months since the last wild camp on the Scafell trip!

We went for a walk out in Strathyre forest last weekend and to get my gear on and don a pack increased my itch, my 3 month itch to get out to the hills!

I think I’m going to try the Langdales for size this time. Been looking at the map and reading others’ routes and I think I’ll start from Grasmere. This is going to be a quick one nighter so was looking for an easy ingress and extraction point (they say things like that in the army sometimes – well they do in the movies anyway) so I was going to aim for a little place above Thirlmere (a place I spotted on a map a while ago) but I think Grasmere is just as easy.

I’m hoping this time of year it will a little less crowded but I’m planning on keeping away from the troublesome areas in any case. Needless to say I’m all over it and cant wait…


Martin Rye said...

Around Grasmere is great. Come to think about it the last backpack trip I did was there. Nearly fell of Helm Crag. Anyway park by the bridge near the church and the car will be fine and cost nothing to park. Just remember to get there early. Have a wonderful time.

Marcus said...

Cheers for the heads up Martin. I'm already thinking about what gear to take!

Nigel Gray said...

I'm jealous - I need to start planning my own first wildcamp of the year. I promised to take my 15 year old nephew w/e 18th April. Was thinking of Brecon Beacons as its easier to get to but need to do some research.

I can already feel the credit-card starting to quiver at the thought of all the new gear I can try and justify!

Marcus said...

Part of the trip for me is the planning..and buying the gear!

As luck would have it I can't go away the weekend I'd originally planned as something has come up. In a determined move though I've brought it forward to this weekend - which is pretty sweet.