Friday 19 June 2009

New Post

Pitched at blind tarn late last night in a chilly wind. Sat by the tarn eating our food until fairly late and turned in as the wind howled outside.

Slept well but woke often with tent pushing against me! All good stuff. Just had a brew and a bite to eat and we're about to head off to rejoin the walna scar path to dunnerdale and a pint at the Newfield Inn.

We're doing a round of about 10 miles and will aim to pitch at Levers Water.

Ahh its good to be out!


PhilW said...

I'd been thinking of going up there this week but the forecast of strong winds put me off! At least that meant you had the place to yourself. Hope you've had a good time - look forward to hearing what else you did.

GeoffC said...

Another one pitching at Blind Tarn, it's getting to be a regular hotspot. Great location though.

The link from the post photo to the larger image doesn't work - it gives 'Google: error not found'.

Marcus said...

It was a bit windy there Phil but glad we went. It was pretty much deserted for the Lakes in June so it was peaceful all along our route.

Geoff, my mobile blogging software on my phone does this very strange thing with images. If you click on the image and get the error I found that if you click the image address and just press enter, it works! GRRR.