Friday 17 July 2009

Back and Busy


I’m now back from my summer hols, rested (or at least I was until I went back to work) and eager to get into the hills. Its funny but even though I love going on holiday, there's something about watching Paul carbonising food to his Jetboil that I just can't seem to shake!

Other bloggers seem to have been quite prolific since I’ve been away so I’ve had some catching up to do on the reading front. Uncle Bob has been busy in his disco box and I was delighted to see the first few TGO Challenge podcasts coming through on my phone.

The first job on my return was to seam seal my eVent mitts from Mountain Laurel Designs and when I walked through the door from the airport Ron had sent the free replacement LightSnow Gaiters too. All good stuff.

I’m hoping to risk a night in the Peak District this Saturday but work has been so hectic I’ve not had chance to check the weather yet so its only pencilled in at the mo.

Paul and I have been planning a coast to coast trip in September, following a very similar route to James off of Blogpackingbongos, travelling from Evanton in the east to Ullapool in the west. Some of the recent purchases have been in preparation for this but there are a couple of bits still to sort out. I've been hunting down a 2009 Mariposa Plus in Medium but everywhere (including Gossamer Gear) seem to be out until August - bad times!

I've just ordered a new phone too which I hav e high hopes for. Its still a Nokia but with a few tricks to make it a bit more versatile with a better battery too. It still weighs nothing at 126g (Nokia's quoted figure) and I'll reveal all when it arrives.

I've still got a few things to write up like the last trip up to Coniston with Paul and also my review of ViewRanger mapping software for mobile phones.....


Dave Hollin said...

what are the event mitts like in terms of fit etc? Have you tried them in the wet yet? I bought a pair of goretex mitts last year but was disappointed with the breathability of them

Marcus said...

Hi Dave,

I got a pair in size small and with my Action Sticky Windy gloves underneath they fit perfectly - well like a mitt if you know what I'm getting at. I've not had chance to use them in anger yet as the weather just ins't cold enough for me to want to put gloves on but I'll defo report back once I've had a chance.
Martin Rye (Summit and Valley)has tried his though so he could give some useful feedback.