Friday 24 July 2009

Getting set for the Brecons

Man, its been a long week and made worse by this evening's affairs. Fitting an integrated fridge freezer isn't as trouble free as it looks!

Not to worry though as Paul and I are grabbing a cheeky night in the Brecon Beacons tomorrow. Despite not feeling on top form I am really looking forward to it and the weather doesn't look too bad either.

I'll be giving the new phone a chance to impress while we're there and hoping to be able use it with gay abandon with the impressive battery life.

We booked our flights this week for the coast to coast walk in September. A 6 day crossing from Evanton to Ullapool awaits and it's all starting to feel real now. Unlike the original plan, this is going to be self supported, with no planned stops for serviced luxuries and a bit of flexibility in the route and mileage to make the most of bits we like. To say I'm excited would be sarcastic expressionism of untold measures. Crikey!

Well I shall be packing tomorrow morning for an early evening departure, so more tales from the hill then...


Martin Rye said...

Sounds good. Never been there and plan to do. I will look forward to you report and photos. According to Backpackbrewer the West is the wildest. Have fun.

James Boulter said...

Good luck on the Evanton to Ullapool backpack. It really is a stunning walk. Are you doing the same route that I did in April?

Marcus said...

Hi James,

Yes, the plan is to do pretty much the same route you took and your trip report really was a great help in deciding how to split our days. We're doing slightly more mileage per day with scope for a few longer stops if we fancy it or if the weather is playing nicely. I'd like to drag it out a bit more but work commitments just don't make it possible and I wouldn't want to leave Charl for much longer either if I'm honest. Ahhhh!

I've been slowly buying the odd bits here and there to get myself kitted up so was interested in your ULA pack. I'd considered one but really wanted to play safe with a framed pack so it'll be the Mariposa plus for me - if I can get hold of one!