Thursday 18 September 2008

Guess What I Got Last Night?

Walked in after work and there it was, a large brown paper parcel with my name on it - a new Cumulus Quantum 350.

Not being that bothered about its arrival I just let it sit there unopened for several hours before I fought back the boredom and opened it. That didn't happen - I bloody legged it upstairs before tearing it out its packaging and jumping inside the thing like a real twerp!

The first thing I noticed was how soft and surprisingly nice the Pertex Quantum material is. It feels luxurious compared to my old Vango bag. It came in its mesh storage bag and once out it lofted so much that at first I couldn't envisage it ever going inside its tiny stuff sack! Its quite amazing how small this thing packs and you will be pleased to know that it does indeed fit.

Initial impressions are that it seems very well made, with a slim yet comfortable fit. The foot area has been constructed with extra fill for warmth (this is immediately obvious) and the one-handed draw-string for the hood/neck does what it says on the tin. I gingerly tested the DWR treatment on the outer of the bag to find that also performs as promised in the marketing blurb, the water beading nicely on top.

Clearly I'm yet to test it on the hill but so far I'm very impressed, especially with the weight. As I've hinted at before, the bag marks a bit of a milestone for me as my coming of age in lightweight wild camping.

A full review with follow once I've used it (Wast Water fells circuit in October) and I'll post some detailed pictures tonight when I get a spare moment for those who haven't seen one up close and personal yet.


baz carter said...

You're not the first and wont be the last! When I got my first down bag I did the same and broke out in a huge sweat!

Ron Bloomquist said...

Good on ya!

Nothing like a good down bag to make the "rest" of the trip easier!

Martin Rye said...

Good bit kit and handy you fit it, unlike 6'2 old me. Have a good trip Marcus and say high to the Lakes for me.

Marcus said...

Baz, thank God I'm not insane! Although I know its bordering on perverse, I can't help but get excited just thinking about using it.

Ron, good to hear from you again. My Lite-speed pack has just got lighter and smaller - result in my book.

Martin, there have to be some benefits in life to being short and stumpy and thankfully one of them is being able to fit in any adult sleeping bag! The Lakes is a anticipatory 2 weeks away today - karma restored!