Thursday 18 September 2008

Stuff it

This is mainly for Shuttleworth but I guess this might be of interest to others too. When taking the photos yesterday I didn't want to come across like a real amateur who just got his first down bag, so didn't take a picture of it in the stuff sack!

Well, here it is for your viewing pleasure. Its stood next to a 1 litre wide-neck Nalgene bottle for scale.

Surprisingly you can compress the bag more but I'm a little nervous handling it since its so new! I don't think you would need it much smaller but I have tried it in a 5L Exped drybag (the yellow one) and because you can expel all of the air from the bag and close it off to prevent the bag lofting, it stays a lot smaller. I'm not sure if keeping it like this for any extended period would affect its performance but I won't personally be using this method for space saving purposes.

Anyway, hope this helps.


PhilW said...

Thanks for the photo. I use an Exped type stuffsac for my down bag (PHD) when carrying it - keeps it small and dry - don't think it affects its performance. Keep it in a large bag when in storage.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, and bloody hell! That packs downsmall doesn't it!?

John Hee said...

nice and small - just the way they should be

baz carter said...

To echo philw I used a terracota coloured exped for my Marmot. And store it in the storage sack at home. On the trail get the bag out as soon as you're able and this will help recovery.

Marcus said...

Hi Baz,

I will be using the drybag option for waterproofing the bag but won't be using to compress it any more that it is in the stuff sack.

I've read a bit about use and maintenance of down sleeping bags and as you say, get it out as soon as you can and let it loft before using it.

I am itching to get out and try this bag. I can't keep out of the thing. Last night I even inflated the sleeping mat and got inside the bag for a test!

baz carter said...

Dude, you got it bad! The Helion2 arrived this afternoon so I've got a new toy to play with too. BP club meet weekend after next so not long to try it out.