Thursday 18 September 2008

Saucy Pics of My New Sleeping Partner

Well not quite but I thought it might stimulate interest. I bet my Google stats have gone through the roof!

Anyway, hi folks. Some pictures of the new bag to wet the appetite. From feedback it seems I'm not alone in the lunacy stakes and my behaviour since receiving my first down sleeping bag is strangely normal!

Apologies for the pictures my DIY studio in the loft has had to be set aside for helicopter tuning hence the bad lighting and angles. Sleeping bags aren't particularly photogenic though either!

Here it is in the supplied storage sack. I think I'm going to hang it in the loft when not in use - just for peace of mind.

This shows the foot box construction which feels particularly plump for extra toastie feets.

Cumulus' Quantum range don't feature a full neck baffle. Instead to save weight they feature a 'Neck Warmer'! I was sceptical of this until it arrived but as you can see the it pretty much resembles a top loaded baffle - scepticism subdued!


Martin Rye said...

That is better than my Atom and lighter than the Lightline. All in all a good buy.

baz carter said...

Looks better than my Hydrogen with that foot and collar solution. Just make sure you put something under your heels to make the most of the bag!

Anonymous said...

Nice bag! Wish my funds would stretch that far, I think the best I can afford til Alpkit get their b****y fingers out is a RAB Summit 300 or the Cumulus Ultralight 300, and they won't do me through winter I'm sure, even with my extra layers on.

Can you add a picture of it in the stuffsac next to an everyday item so we can get an idea of the size of it. The Cumulus website has it next to a Sigg bottle, it'd be good to see how accurate that is!

Marcus said...

It depends on what you want though. I really prefer a full zip in my bags so I've had to compromise on weight and/or warmth. Its that same old story really, if its what suits you go with it.

Shuttleworth, I'm all over that picture for you tonight - if I don't get dragged down the pub of course! I should of taken that shot last night but got lazy and couldn't be bothered to stuff it in the sack!

Marcus said...

Sorry Shut, forgot to say that despite the lower warmth of the Rab and the ultralite 300, I would guess that generally backpacking in those conditions you would be carrying extra/better insulated layers anyway? Wearing a fleece or down jacket would drastically improve the rating with no real sacrifice on weight as you'd be carrying it anyway. Might get a bit tight in there though!