Sunday 23 November 2008

Scafells Kit List

Kit-listAs always, here is the kit list for the trip this Friday. I spent today packing and organising my things as Charl and I have a very busy week ahead – both at work and home.

All that remains for me to do is to pack some chocolate, stuff my sleeping bag and down jacket and make a decision on footwear. 

8.8 KG all in isn’t all bad considering I’ve added walking poles and a windproof smock at 105g.

On the issue of walking poles, I have a confession I know I shall regret. I was considering the Trail Blaze poles from Bob and Rose but having never used poles before I thought they’d be a blind investment. Instead I took myself along to ‘The Maxx’ and got myself…….wait for it: a pair of children’s walking poles! I measured what length pole I’d need when I first had signs of my knee problems and 112cm is the magic number. When I found a pair of 110cm 6000 series aluminium poles at 190g each for £10, I recognised a sign from the gods when I saw one! Being small has its advantages sometimes.


baz carter said...

I'm waiting for my trail blaze poles to turn up. I was impressed with how they worked (once I found out how they stay together). I'd not used poles before I trialled them the other weekend and had no problem adapting to their use.

Andy Howell said...

I was a late convert to poles, but I've been using then for five or six years now. I wished I'd used them earlier. It's estimated that they save about 20% of pressure on your knees and I reckon that's about right.

I'm a convert to Pacer Poles which I really do think work well.

Marcus said...

Well chaps I really do hope that is true! I'm not expecting big things from them but if I don't develop a painful knee I'll blame the poles and they'll be with me forever! I've never used poles so I have no idea about technique but I've read a bit and it seems fairly straight forward.

I have a neoprene bandage to encourage some warmth in the joint and plenty of pain killers too so it will take an awful lot for me not to finish this time. Just cursed that ain't I!

Nielsen Brown said...

For me poles work, I have tried the lightweight ones, different brands, but the best are Pacer Poles. A well thought out design. I use them to walk with, to hold my tarp or tent up with. I have the Al pacer poles, no CF. As for my knees ankles etc, I believe they have been helpful in increasing my miles and reducing my pain.

enuff said.