Saturday 1 November 2008

Wast Water Fells Kit List

I know this is a little late in the game for this, however I tried to post this on the night before the last trip – albeit unsuccessfully! Tables have a habit of upsetting Blogger or vice versa.

Here is the list of kit I took on the Wast Water Fells Trip showing everything packed, inc of food and water. Its changed significantly since previous trips and this should be more like the norm for future multi-day adventures too. The only additional item to add to this list for the next trip is a Montane Featherlite Smock – which I’m well happy with so far.

For all you gear and weight freaks – Enjoy!



baz carter said...

Nice weight saving idea - taking strong cider. More clout per can!

Martin Rye said...

It is a helpful thing to have a kit list. Your pack weight is getting light for sure.

Marcus said...

The cider deal is a compromise because as much as I loath carrying it, at the end of a long day there's not much beats a cider to quench the thirst.

Each time I've packed it I've always had the niggling thought that taking 500g of cider is a substitute for my SLR! I so won't that SLR in my bag for the next trip - hence I'm only bringing a few shots of brandy instead!

I'm think I'm pretty much there on weight and gear. The only thing I don't have for real winter outings is a nice packable down jacket. Might try my luck with Santa!

baz carter said...

I always go for the whiskey option. Am waiting for my hip flask to turn up from Bob and Rose.

Anonymous said...

Small Nalgene type bottles are great for spirits!! I'm after some cola flavour Nuun tablets to see if I can make lightweight Vodka and Coke!

I love my Montane Feaherlite, I switched to a Golite Wisp hooded jacket for a while, but it's not as breathable and I've gone off the hoof idea. Will you be ditching the 'heavy' windstopper fleece for a lighter one now you've got a windshirt? Or perhaps a down jacket instead ;) I was on holiday last week in Spain and put my RAB micro fleece in the laundry, never to be seen again :(

My camping is scuppered at the moment, my 2C rated synthetic sleeping bag was freezing (for me) in summer, so I daren't try it now. The only decent bag I can afford is the Alpkit PD and their supply is terrible, wish they'd sort it out.

Marcus said...

Hi Shuttleworth, hows things?

Shame to hear that you won't be getting out over the winter months due to your bag.

Have you considered buying a down jacket like the Alpkit Filo for £70(they're in stock for a change) and wearing this inside your current bag. You'd spend slightly less and it would keep you out there in the hills until you can spend the pennies on a down sleeping bag?

I'm using the Balgene bottles I bought from Bob and Rose at BPL. the one for brandy works perfectly. They could be a little larger but its enough to take the edge off.

Not sure I like the sound of your Vodka and Coke combo but I'll try anything once!

My Montane Featherlite is unbelievably good for the weight. You're exactly right - my fleece's days are numbered as I am looking at a down jacket for reall cold conditions and for hanging about the camp. Thing is PTC got me thinking about the Montane Prism 2.0 with the additional primaloft filling - ARGH!

baz carter said...

I use a berghaus primaloft filled smock and this works well as an overlayer (over the top of all that you're wearing). With a fleece beanie on and legs in sleeping bag I'm perfectly cozy and warm. The top also bolsters the rating of my sleeping bag if needs be.

Anonymous said...

I car camped a few weeks ago, it was probably 7C and I was about warm enough, though I was using my sleepong bag, a single duvet a Wee Airic and a Multimat, so I reckon I sleep cold!!
I've got a RAB Photon, which I dont think would be enough, and a RAB Summit Down Jacket, which I suppose I should try before writing winter off till Alpkit pull their finger out.
Besides, if the V&C thing works it could be that I don't feel the cold as much anyway :)
Whatever down jacket you get make sure it has a hood, the one on my RAB is incredibly warm, somtimes I just put the hood on instead of turning up the heating :D

baz carter said...

Shuttleworth - certainly looks like you sleep cold :)

And you've got the stuff to combat it if you use the down jacket instead of the photon.

And like Marcus a vodka and nuun cola doesnt quie grab me but then if I was offered one I wouldnt turn it down!

Anonymous said...

I was considering the Alpkit PD200 half bag used in conjunction with my down jacket, that'd be about 450g of down, thoug I'm not sure if it'd be enough really. I think I may just bite the bullet and take the jacket and use it with my bag (Snugpak travepak extreme), might even just try it in the garden or car camping!