Sunday 13 September 2009

Gorilla Lands in the UK

I’ve just checked the USPS tracking site and my new pack hit the UK this evening at 8.09pm. What remains to be seen now is if it can get through customs and to me by tomorrow as guaranteed.

More likely it will get caught up in the customs system and arrive late with massive import duty to boot. Oh so cynical and so young!



Nielsen Brown said...

I had my Gorilla out last weekend and a review will appear later in the week. As for customs in Denmark it is 25% duty plus a 10 pound fee to open the parcel. But quality gear is worth the expense.

Nigel Gray said...

love the excitement and expectation of new kit arriving....!!!

Marcus said...

Guys, I'm just itching to get my hands on it. I'm expecting a charge but the question is will it make me gasp!

Its the idea that I can save some weight and reduce the bulk that I'm excited about. I'm hoping it carries nicely over the week otherwise I'll be applying compeed to my hips!

Dave Hollin said...

GG make really nice packs and I should know I have three of them! I'll be interested for comments about the Gorilla although i am more inclined to have a shufties at the Murmur
PS I hate those customs people!!! Next time, try using a forwarding agent in the US..... :)

Martin Rye said...

Hope UPS deliver all the way to the door. Then you don't pay on top. Looking forward to the review.

PS liked the podcast a lot. Fine stuff and keep at it.

Marcus said...

I've just sent an email to Parcel Force as my package has been in customs since Sunday night. My issue isn't that I might have to pay a customs charge (well it is a bit) but more that there is no transparency on the customs process. USPS guarantee delivery by the 14th Sept and PF hold on to it for 2 days where the package doesn't move anywhere and nor is there guidance as to what is happening whilst it is "Awaiting Customs Charging".

In hindsight I should have paid the £44 for UPS but it seemed extortionate against the price of the bag. DOH!

Anyway, more importantly I'm ready to take my Litespeed if it doesn't reach me in time and I'll have plenty of time to test it over the winter. Paul and I have to re-live some classic winter Lakes wildcamps!

Glad you liked the podcasts and they will improve as I get a bit more confident with the software and the content.