Friday 11 September 2009

Podcastastic - My First Podcast (Fisherprice Stylee)

Well not quite, but the first podcast from the blog should now be live. It may take a while to update and for the feed to be active but I'm hoping it'll all work by the time it reaches you guys.

It's a bit ropey as you might expect but I’m getting to grips with the software and technique, albeit slowly!

In this episode I briefly introduce the podcast and talk - for a little longer than expected - about my preparations for an upcoming multi-day backpack in the Scottish Highlands. This first one is very simple as I wanted to get started using the software and the hosting facilities so apologies for just rambling on at times.

As I said I'd welcome some feedback and comments as well as ideas on topics and interviews etc. You can post comments here or email me on


You can download the file here:


The links for this Podcast are:

1. The idea for the trip:

2. Inspiration behind podcasting:

3. The makers of my new pack, the Gorilla:


PhilW said...

A very creditable start. Look forward to hearing future podcasts if you are up for it.

Marcus said...

Hi Phil,

Thanks for the feedback. At this stage its a bit monotonous but as I create content on the trips and pull down some interviews and review it might pan out OK. Still learning at the mo so any suggestions are gratefully received.

James Boulter said...

A great effort it has to be said. It is the first outdoor podcast that I have listened to so cannot compare it with others (a bit different from the Adam and Joe show so wont make comparisons there!). Well paced, clear and you have got a radio friendly voice which helps.

Marcus said...


Thanks for that. I know its a bit rough around the edges at the moment but wanted to get at least one out before publishing any audio taken from the Scotland trip.

I'm not so sure about the radio voice because I quickly realised how annoying I am during the editing! Occupational hazards I guess.

Anonymous said...

Good work - very meaty and listenable. Don't worry about the voice you are bound to be your own harshest critic. We all hate the sound of our recorded voice at first.
Here's wishing you settled weather and a brilliant trip. I look forward to the podcasts on your return

Marcus said...

Cheers Fred, all feedback is much appreciated.

I hope not to disappoint with the recordings from the trip and just hope my friend Paul takes to getting involved!

Podcast Bob said...

Ah ha .. competition .. nice one ;-))

Enjoyed listening to your preparations and it brings our trip all back.

Don't hide your podcast under a bushel and make sure you let everyone know about it, and let me have the feed so I can pass it on in my shows.

Keep it up (that's the hard bit) !!


Anonymous said...

Excellent first effort. Sorry for leaving it so long until listening.

I was think that I might intersperse trip reports with a bit of audio commentary.