Thursday 8 January 2009

New Year Jolly and Questionable Mental Health

I’m grinning right now and its not flatulence. No, not today. Today there’s another reason, in fact there are 2 reasons. One you might be interested in, the other you definitely won’t! The main reason for this stupid grin is because today i found that the Eagles of Death Metal will tour the UK and the other is that I have purchased some more gear from Tinny at Minibulldesign. Yes oh yes, EODM will come to Birmingham in April and when I have finished this post I shall return to rocking out in the dining room pretending I’m already there. This is “high voltage” I tell thee.

On a more restrained note, when I got back from Paris I decided I would see what Tinny had been up to since purchasing my first stove nearly a year ago (in fact the subject of which was one of my first real blog posts – see here). I knew he’d been busy and when I spotted the fire making, brew boiling goodies I almost had a panic attack. Looking for a couple of solutions I settled on the QMH kit and a Krazy Kooking Kit with mini Atomic. Time will now slow to half its normal pace until this arrives. Of course a review will follow in due course.

Its been quiet on here lately I know and mainly due to illness over Christmas and our Paris jaunt. Christmas over though and its time I looked into planning the first trip of the year.

In the meantime, some pics from our recent trip (taken with the new Canon IXUS ) for those who have not yet lost the will to live….

Parc-de-Andre-Citroen Parc de Andre Citroen

La_defence The view from the top of Le Grande Arch De La Fraternite – La Defense

canal_st_martin Snow on the Canal De Saint Martin


Ron Bloomquist said...

Welcome back and Great photos!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dude, just posted another comment on my site re your question about BIOS #2 and a recommendation re MBS. Looks from this post though as if I may be to late.
Hope it all goes well.
Have a nice day.