Friday 16 January 2009

Happy S*dding Birthday!

In an exercise on how to be a complete and utter twerp, I managed to completely miss the first anniversary of this fast growing toddler of a blog - which was Wednesday. Having reminded myself on Monday, you would have thought this was a difficult to miss but alas I did. The only viable explanation is that I must have had to make room for some other useless piece of information and promptly forgot.

This aside, I'm quite frankly shocked that I have managed to keep it going so long, mainly as the whole idea of a blog was being shunned back at home as just another one of my fads. Faddy McFadderson.

I had intended the blog to cover a few topics, but wild camping/backpacking took over and stole the show. I've come a long way since that first post, where I was still clinging on to quite a few naive ideas about backpacking. One short trip was all it took to teach this ignoramous that lightweight camping isn't just for wimps. Of course that wasn't the only lesson I learned the hard way and the boot caper was the next chapter in this baptism of fire. I didn’t realise then that I would eventually succumb to the power of trail shoes.

Probably the most significant epiphany during backpacking puberty was when I realised that no body has all the answers, its not all about what the magazines say, what other people do or tell you to do; you have to find your own way of doing things in order find backpacking enlightenment.

On reflection its been a productive first year. I’ve not managed to get out as much as I would have liked but when I did I tried to move things forward a little each time. The first Wasdale trip was the first time I felt comfortable with my kit. Like most, I still have things I’d like to replace but these are now less critical items. I confess that I am one of those annoying backpackers who loves gear and despite what people say it does make a difference. The gear that changed everything for me was trail shoes – a revelation, nuff said.

The solo trip around the Coniston Fells was probably my backpacking graduation and I cannot recommend this enough was you have a bit of experience under your belt. Winter wild camping was another highlight and a great way to finish off the first year.

I’m not sure where or what for this coming year but its obligatory to say “I want to get out more” at this point I’m sure! I’d love to plan and complete a TGO Challenge but this takes a lot of commitment and doesn’t seem viable at the moment - 2011 perhaps? I’ve been reading Alan Sloman’s 2005 account of the crossing and isn’t doing my pangs for the hills any good! A more achievable outing this year would be a few days in the Cairngorms or elsewhere in the Highlands. A multi-day trek taking in as much of the wilderness as possible is how I see it – almost like a mini TGOC but with less whiskey!

Cheers and Happy Birthday A Little Bit About Not A Lot!


baz carter said...

Happy birthday! Nice one Marcus, great post.

Ron Bloomquist said...

I agree, a good post!

I think we who are still learning are a much more interesting "read" than those writers who "know it all".

Happy blog birthday!

John Hee said...

A honest and entertaining piece - here's to the next year

Marcus said...

Thanks folks. It doesn't come through enough in the post but it has been about readers and fellow bloggers too as I'm sure most will already know.

Cheers guys.