Wednesday 14 January 2009

Next Outing

I’ve been staring at maps the last few evenings, looking for a destination for this weekends dash to the hills.

As time is short I should be looking closer to home, but as I cannot tell when the next chance for a night on the hill will come between now and April I need to make the most of this opportunity.

I’ve been looking at the Lakes then but wanted access to be nice and easy to minimise driving time and the fells around Thirlmere got my attention. Checking the weather, its looking a bit nasty over the weekend so Helvellyn et al as home for the night is looking unlikely at this stage. Looking at lower ground in the same area though offers what could be an amazing pitch. Keeping my cards close to my chest at the moment but if the weather calms down a bit its likely I’ll head up there for a solo trip.

As this is a bit of an impromptu trip, testing the new stoves and cooking gear from minibulldesign isn’t going to be possible as they haven’t been shipped yet. I will however be giving the Canon Ixus its first proper outing to really make the most of the wide angle lens.

Fingers crossed the weather gods have a change of heart.


Anonymous said...

I've bivied, in the past, above Harrop Tarn (not in the winter!). On the down side, one time my car was broken into to.

Marcus said...

I was looking a bit further up the reservoir, same side though but top end. I keep watching the weather and its looking a bit rubbish. I'll be camping low so not too concerned about the wind but if its going to be miserable its not that tempting for a one nighter!