Sunday 11 January 2009

Run To The Hills - But Which?

Right folks. I need some help here and I know you guys will have the answer. I've got a chance of a one night solo backpack this Saturday as Charl is off to see Old Men Falling Off The Block (or something like that).

I was thinking a quick wildcamp back up on Grey Friar - starting in the Duddon Valley, which became an impromptu stop on our last trip! The only issue is that I want to be back fairly early on Sunday as we have a pre-booked event on Sunday evening I don't want to miss. So, the question is: Do I turn the key and drive to the Lakes or opt for something closer to home like the Peak District.

It has become a bit of dilemma as every opportunity to get out is precious (as I'm sure most will know) and I want to get the best out of it. I need to check the weather over the week but if you guys want to make any suggestions - all will be seriously considered.

Over to you....


John Hee said...

If time is the determinant then local it must be I guess

Marcus said...

Well if I were being sensible I would have to agree. However the pull to the Lakes is too much and I think this will be the place given the weather of course.

Any suggestions anyone for a short one nighter?