Tuesday 20 January 2009

Shiny New Kooking Kit

Posty Pat delivered this yesterday:

minibulldesign_unboxAnything that arrives with a ‘John Austin’ label on it is always bound to contain good things – and it was. A complete Krazy Kooking Kit with Mini Atomic stove, 24oz Super Pot, Zip lock container and fuel bottles. Life is good.


The idea behind all this kit is that I have two different sized cooking systems for those ultra-light trips. The original intention and most likely use was solo wanderings. Having tested the Mini Atomic though, I can’t that Paul could moan about boil times – its surprisingly fast. 4 minutes and 54 seconds to boil 450ml, using only 20ml of fuel.

The Krazy Kooking Kit consists of the stove, wire pot stand, the 16oz (454ml) pot (with lip guard and wick wrap)wind shield and the Zip Lock container to house it all in. It weighs in at 140g as written and 275g with 5oz (140ml) bottle of meths. That my friends is nuts! My lightweight gas and titanium setup is 465g and so the potential saving of 190 for solo trips is welcome.

The weight aside, there’s a convenience advantage too. The Zip Lock container is of course a bowl and is more easily cleaned than the pot itself. This setup (with a suitably made pot cosy) will mean that I can re-hydrate the food in the plastic bowl and still boil water for a Yogi Bhajan special, with no need to wash the pot. Simple but a such a relief from the usual ball-ache of washing up after the evening meal before making another brew.

mini_atomic_setup I’m really hoping to get Charl out on a wild camp this year (short walk, fair weather stylee) and I’m thinking that the larger 24oz (680ml) Super Pot will work for two whilst saving weight. The Mini Atomic will boil a full pot of cold water in a smidge under 10 minutes….I know, impressive hey! I’m hoping to do a video with me using the new gear this weekend – so better get cracking on a pot cosy….


Mac E said...

Hi, just found your blog, nice to see another MBD user. I have the GWK but looked at the Krazy Kit too, how much can the pot realistically hold?

Marcus said...

Hi Mac,

I love the MBD stoves and other kit. All good light stuff. The GWK is much more versatile as a long-term backpacking solution but the KKK is just great for solo overnighters or day walks. It will hold around 450mls but realistically boiling water when full isn't recommended! I'd guess that 380ml is about the optimum. Matched with mini atomic this kit is light and boils real fast on next to no fuel. I like the kit idea mainly as it keeps my alpkit mytimug clean for hot drinks whilst I eat food from the ziplock container.

Loving the idea of the EK750 to fit the alpkit pot by the way.

Mac E said...

380ml sounds fine though, I was messing around with a Tibetan ti 450 mug which efectively holds 350ml (1 1/2 US Cups) and I think it would work for me. I like the Mini Atomic but after seeing Aktomans Blackfly I got one of those, a #4, slower obviously but very easy on fuel. The kit idea works for me too although I normally eat from the bag, I like to keep the pot for water boiling only. I'd probably order a KKK but they seem to be out of stock, only the QMH and GWK listed.

"Loving the idea of the EK750 to fit the alpkit pot by the way"

Thanks, I'm pleased with how it turned out

It does make a mess of the pot though :-)

Marcus said...

I have the Blackfly 3 and have to admit its useful. Its a safer bet for cooking in the tent and not as slow as I initially expected. On my first ever wild camp I used the old Isofly and it worked a treat, despite getting quite hot.

Keeping your pot clean is defo a bonus and I think I'll move on to trying out a different cozy idea - freezer bag cooking style...

I wouldn't worry about the KKK being out of stock. Tinny is pretty much making to order these days so it'll be a week or two before you get it anyway. Always worth waiting for though.